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Corporate Wellness 

Healthy Employees Drive high-Performing Companies

Corporate health and nutrition interventions will have multiple impacts on company and employee health.

  • Improved Immunity: milder symptoms and faster recovery from viral illness

  • Better cognitive function: improved concentration, clear thinking and better decision making

  • Reduced risk of illness and chronic disease and better symptom management: diabetes, obesity, IBS and others.

  • Improved mental health: reduced incidence of low mood.

  • Improved company culture and corporate loyalty: leading to a more stable workforce

  • Reduced absenteeism and presenteeism: Reduced associated costs, reduced impact on the remaining workforce, increased productivity. 

Our Corporate Nutrition


6 week lunchtime webinar series 

Our brand new holistic service guaranteed to get employees healthier, happier and motivated. 

Once a week for 6 weeks, for 30 minutes , our expert Registered dietitian's and personal trainers will present webinars based on the needs of your employees to improve fitness and nutrition habits. 

You will also receive a nutrition handbook to send to all your companies employees.


Online wellbeing 

  • 1-1 Consultations

  • Nutrition Newsletters

  • Assessment and Treatments

  • Executive Wellbeing

  • Workforce Wellbeing Strategy
    and Planning

  • Short Courses

  • Topical Webinars

  • Company Website Content

  • Informative Posts/Blogs

  • Discussion Forums

Act NOW to improve your employees’ health and happiness

Many common work-related health and stress issues are reversible if you make positive changes early. The sooner you put in place a wellness program for your workforce, the greater the chances of making a lasting and comprehensive impact on their wellbeing.

We are here for you. Together we will build a program for your business that will:

  • Improve employee engagement

  • Attract new talent and increase staff retention

  • Reduce sickness absence and presenteeism

  • Improve performance and productivity

  • Increase creativity, efficiency and innovation

  • Strengthen team morale, relationships and communication

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