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Free nutrition resources 

We are so pleased you want to educate yourself on nutrition 

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Weight Loss Guide

Our free weight loss guide includes practical tips, grocery lists and meal ideas to start your weight loss journey. 

IBS guide 
Learn about IBS , its impact & what nutrition strategies you can implement depending on what type of IBS you have
Sports  Nutrition  Recovery Guide
Learn how to optimally fuel after training/competition to prevent injuries and increase athletic performance 
Childrens Nutrition  Picky Eating Guide
Learn how to feed your child if they have sensory eating problems/very selective and restrictive eating styles 
Cows milk protein allergy - Recipes
Educate yourself on cows milk protein allergy and have a 7 day dairy free menu for your little one
Bariatric Nutrition Guide 
Bariatric nutrition guide for whether you need to prepare for surgery or post operative procedures. 

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