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LifeSculpt Program 

 UK's most supportive health & fitness program

Weight Loss Program 

LifeSculpt is UK's most supportive package to get fit , into shape, create new habits, overcome any diseases of lifestyle, smash your exercise goals and increase performance and recovery.  

This nutrition coaching is supportive, motivating, educational and everything you need to kick start your lifestyle change journey.  Our program is built on the pillars of health focusing not only on nutrition but wellness as a whole. 
Our focus is to help you create a sustainable behavioural, lifestyle and habit change which results in your desired body shape, confidence, improved relationship with food & increased athletic performance. 

This package is for those that :

  • Are wanting to lose fat , achieve certain body composition goals, build muscle 

  • Are wanting to optimise their relationship with food 

  • Need motivation and support 

  • Are wanting to have a clear guide on what to do to achieve their goals

  • Are fed up with dieting 

  • Want to reverse any energy deficiencies that may be present 

  • Reverse any chronic diseases of lifestyle (e.g. cholesterol, type 2 diabetes, hypertension) 

  • Wanting a clear fuelling strategy around exercise

  • Are wanting to achieve sustainable results 

  • Are not looking for a quick fix but are wanting to develop life long habits 

  • Are READY to change their lifestyle once and for all 

  • Seeking ongoing weekly support 

  • Are motivated for change 

Change does not occur overnight and that’s why we are with you for a minimum of 3 months. We are here to support you every step of the way, and be your guiding force for change. Focusing on behavioural, nutrition and fitness specific changes. 

​Our goal is to ENSURE you achieve your goals, optimise your health and live a happy , healthy life!  

This is the UK's most exclusive lifestyle change program. 

This package is NOT for : 

  • Someone with an active eating disorder 

  • Someone who does not have 30 minutes per week to dedicated to their self growth and lifestyle goals 

  • Someone who is not ready to invest into their health for lifelong results

  • Someone who is in passive mode and not action taking mode

 LifeSculpt Program

Comprehensive nutrition assessment 

1-1 Follow ups every week for the 1st month and every 2 weeks thereafter

Weekly Nutrition Check ins

3 x 1-1 check ins with your online personal trainer 

12 weeks individualised fitness program

Access to exclusive app 

Direct chat with your dietitian 

Meal planning and recipes 

Grocery lists

Weekly food log reviews 

100% individualised advice 

Private facebook group access 

What to expect 

After purchasing the LifeSculpt program,  you will complete the pre assessment questionnaire and activate your online account. 

Your initial consultation is 60 minutes in duration. You will meet your dedicated dietitian and discuss your goals, analyse your lifestyle and talk about the road to success. Following this you will have a clear plan of what is expected going forward. We will provide you with a personalised meal guide and individualised advice. We set achievable goals (1-3) every consultation in order to get you closer to where you want to be! At your initial nutrition consultation, you will have the choice to book your 1-1 discovery call with your dedicated personal trainer to construct a fitness program for the 12 weeks. Check ins with your PT will occur every 4 weeks to evaluate progress and amend accordingly. 


Follow up sessions will be booked in advanced. For the first month, you will be having a 1-1 consultation weekly, for the second and third month you will have 1-1 nutrition consultations every . The focus for follow ups are to establish clear goals, educate you on nutrition and empower you to make informed decisions for the rest of your life. We tackle any barriers together that may present along the way! 

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Zero-dieting approach 
Improved energy levels 
Improved relationship with food 
Better sleep 
More confidence 
Weight Loss that stays off

If you're READY to invest in yourself  without any crazy diets -  I'd love to hear from you!

If you are needing clarification around how we could be of best service to you , book a FREE 15 minute discovery call