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Disorderly Eating Nutrition

Building a healthy relationship with food 

We provide nutrition solutions for building a healthy relationship with food through our intuitive eating approach . We teach you how to LOVE FOOD and eat WITHOUT ANXIETY. 

All our nutrition consultations are done via our telehealth online platform and app.  Wherever you are, you can speak to our expert dietitians & nutritionists.


Healing your relationship with food IS POSSIBLE. With our certified intuitive eating dietitians and nutritionists, we teach you how to undiet your diet, fall inlove with delicious food and optimise your health, mental health and wellbeing. 

Book now


Click here to book an initial consultation at a time that suites you 


An email will be sent to activate your telehealth portal. You can also download the ‘better by practice better’ app , and log in with your details 


Complete the pre-assessment form and terms and conditions 


Join the 1-1 consultation via the zoom link provided on the telehealth platform. Here you will meet your dietitian.

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