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Kiara Lipschitz
Specialist IBS and Weight Loss Dietitian 

Registered Dietitian (UK & South Africa) | IBS specialist Dietitian | Weight Loss specialist Dietitian


​Kiara is a qualified Registered Dietitian who aims to assist people in regaining a positive and healthy relationship with food and their bodies while achieving their desired health outcomes. She has worked in South Africa and the UK, gaining valuable experience in the public and private sectors across various fields, including chronic lifestyle diseases, gut health, general medicine, bariatrics, weight loss and weight management. Kiara is dedicated to providing evidence-based nutrition and health information that empowers individuals to make healthier choices. This passion has led her to create a social media account where she shares her expertise on nutrition in an engaging, relatable, and informative manner. 



BSc. Dietetics 


Areas of expertise:

Weight management

Gut health

Disordered Eating

Women's Health (Hormones/PCOS/menopause) 



If you are needing clarification around how Kiara could be of best service to you , book a FREE 15 minute discovery call 

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