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Nutrition for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) 

UK's first bespoke nutrition therapy for ASD 

We understand the unique dietary needs of children on the Autism spectrum. Our specialist paediatric dietitian provides an initial consultation followed by 6 follow-up sessions designed to expand your child's dietary variety and ensure they are getting optimal nutrition. We are committed to helping your child thrive and reach their fullest potential.

Autism and Increasing Food variety 

Children with ASD are more likely to have mealtime challenges such as tantrums, extreme food selectivity and ritualistic eating behaviors. Inadequate nutrition is more common among children with autism than in those unaffected by the disorder. In particular,  overall low intake of calcium and protein. Calcium is crucial for building strong bones. Adequate protein is important for growth, mental development and health. Chronic eating problems also increase a child's risk for social difficulties and poor academic achievement.  This may also increase risk for diet-related diseases such as obesity and cardiovascular disease in adolescence and adulthood. We provide individualised advice to try expand your child's diet and make mealtimes more pleasant! 

Image by Senjuti Kundu

Dietitians can:

  • assess at whether your child's diet is providing all the nutrients needed

  • give advice on nutritional supplements according to textural/sensory preferences

  • give helpful, practical advice to help reduce mealtime stress or anxiety

  • give advice to help to try new food

Our consultation process begins with a 60-minute session with a paediatric nutrition specialist, followed by a minimum of 6 follow-ups. We focus on a SOS feeding approach, slowly expanding your child's food variety. If indicated - we may also provide a GP letter for prescription supplementation and oral nutrition supplements to fill any nutritional gaps.

Z. Young (Parent of 3 year old) 

“Using Nutrition and Co's paediatric nutrition services was the best investment I have ever made for my child. After 8 sessions she has tripped her food intake and her concentration has sky rocketed!."

J.Phillips (Parents of 11 year old) 

"My son has had an extremely limited diet for his whole life, and was very sensory. Working with Nutrition and Co's paediatric dietitian's, we were able to expand his food intake and increases the textures he tolerates"

U.Vi (Parent of 5 year old) 

“My daughter was only eating 3 different types of foods prior to working with Nutrition and Co's paeditric dietitians, after 6 sessions with them, she now eats over 15 types of foods. Highly recommend their service.”
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