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Jenaed Brodell

Founder & Sports Performance Dietitian

Uk's best dietitian/nutritionist

Jenaed Brodell is a South African born Registered Dietitian in the UK(HCPC) as well as South Africa (HPCSA). Jenaed is the founder of Nutrition and Co. She is one of UK's best sports dietitian's and works with elite athletes across the UK. She is a SENR registered sports dietitian which is the highest level of recognition for sports dietitian/nutritionists.


Expert Sports Performance Nutritionist 

Proud Lead Sports Dietitian for Cambridge University, Imperial College London, Cambridge Rowing Club (amongst other clubs and teams) . 

She is the sports performance dietitian for Imperial College London , which includes over 60 athletes as well as 14 performance teams. She is also the sports performance dietitian for Cambridge University Sport and Cambridge Rowing Club , which includes over 20 high performance athletes and 40 performance teams. ​She has worked with elite levels athletes over a large array of sports. Jenaed's sports performance nutrition specialities and expertise include sports nutrition for ;

  • Team sports - Rugby , hockey (ice and field) , netball, football, ultimate frisbee

  • Endurance sports - Triathlon, Running, Swimming, Modern Pentathlon 

  • Individual sports - Tennis, fencing, diving , rowing (lightweight and open) , boxing & weight category sports, track and field , gymnastics , ballet 

​She has a special interest in Relative Energy Deficiency in Sports and provides dietetic treatment in conjunction with a Multi disciplinary team including Psychologists and sports physicians to ensure athletes optimally recover and fuel as well as regain their menstrual cycle. She helps athletes improve their relationship with food through specific nutrition interventions. ​Jenaed presents webinars and seminars to coaches , staff as well as athletes in a practical and interactive manner.


  • Sports Dietitian for NEOM beach games 

  • Super League Triathlon 

  • FIBA basketball 

  • FIFA Beach soccer 

  • Imperial college London 

  • Cambridge University 

Areas of speciality

  • Sports Performance Nutrition 

  • Relative Energy deficiency in Sports 

  • Weight Management 

  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome 

  • Media 


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