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Kate Kavanah , Sports Nutritionist   

Sports Nutrition | Female athlete health | Sports Events Nutritionist  ​ Kate is a qualified Sports Nutritionist with a Bsc Sports Science & Health as well as as Masters in Sports Nutrition 

Kate is a qualified Sports Nutritionist born in Dublin, Ireland and has gained most of her experience working within the UK. She has an undergraduate degree in Sports Science and Health and a master’s degree in Sports Nutrition. She is registered with the Sport and Exercise Nutrition Register (SENR) and is a Level 1 accredited Anthropometrist.

Kate has experience working with a multitude of athletes in a variety of sports, from female football players to boxers, and uses her own previous sporting experience to help athletes achieve their performance nutrition goals. In particular, she has a big interest helping female athletes fuel correctly to ensure they are making the most of their training. 

Kate is passionate about delivering an evidence-based practice, to help athletes make the most of their performance and minimise the risk of injury. 

Kate has worked as an intern with Liverpool football club conducting 1-1 assessment. She has also worked for the prestigious NEOM Beach games working closely with the catering team to provide recipe analysis and macronutrient composition for the athletes. 



BSc Sports Science & Health 

MSc Sports Nutrition 

ISAK Level 1(Body composition) 

SENr Graduate 

UKAD Clean Sports Advisor 

Areas of expertise 

Sports Nutrition (Variety of sport) 

Female Athlete Health 

Fuelling strategies for sporting events 

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