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Specialist bariatric dietitians 

Our team of specialist bariatric dietitians help clients go from confused to confident , lose weight and keep it off and learn simple strategies for long term success after bariatric surgery. 

Are you ready to get back on track, have more energy, feel more confident, and be the healthiest version of yourself?

Our approach to weight loss is simple 


We offer a long term solution to weight loss that does not make you feel like you are on any diet. 

1. Initial consultation  

The initial consultation in a dietetic session is 60 minutes as is a pivotal meeting where the dietitian gathers vital information about the client's health, lifestyle, and dietary habits. It involves a thorough assessment of medical history, dietary preferences, and specific goals. The dietitian and client work together to set achievable objectives, fostering a trusting and supportive environment. This crucial step enables the dietitian to develop a personalized nutrition plan tailored to the client's unique needs and aspirations, leading to a successful and effective journey towards improved health and well-being.


3. Follow up to discuss the plan 

2-7 days after the initial consultation, the comprehensive nutrition plan is discussed with the client and questions are answered. 


2. 'The Nutrition Plan' is created 

The comprehensive nutrition plan, crafted after the initial consultation, encompasses a holistic approach to optimal health. The meal plan incorporates balanced and personalized dietary recommendations, catering to the client's preferences and health requirements. Supplement advice is tailored to fill any nutritional gaps and enhance overall well-being. Moreover, individualized advice addresses specific concerns identified during the consultation, empowering the client to make sustainable lifestyle changes. This synergistic combination of meal planning, supplement guidance, and personalized advice ensures a tailored approach to the client's unique needs, fostering positive health outcomes and a nourished lifestyle.


4. Fortnightly follow ups 

The follow-up appointments is an essential review session where the client and nutritionist discuss progress and challenges since implementing the tailored nutrition plan. It provides an opportunity to address any concerns, make necessary adjustments, and celebrate successes, ensuring continued support and motivation towards achieving health and wellness goals.

£65 per session 

£190 for 3 sessions 

£380 for 6 sessions 

*Payment plans are available*

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