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Shannon Quigley Paediatric Dietitian

Scotlands leading Paediatric Dietitian 

Shannon is a highly experienced paediatric dietitian with a special focus in restrictive diets, autism, adhd and allergies. 
She is based remotely and see's clients for Nutrition and Co. 

 Shannon is a registered Dietitian with over 8 years experience working in both public and private practice.  She has a wide range of experience helping children and their families face the ups and downs of feeding children.  She is currently based within an NHS Children’s Hospital. Shannon is very passionate about children’s nutrition and is a devoted supporter of improving children’s connections with food, to support a longer term healthier relationship throughout their life. Shannon has completed two post graduate masters modules in; Advanced Professional Practice in Paediatric Dietetics; She hopes to continue her studies and achieve her full masters.  



  • BSc Human Nutrition & Dietetics

  • MSc Module in Paediatric Dietetics

 Areas of speciality:

  • Allergies

  • CMPA

  • Selective eating


  • ASD; Autism and ADHD

  • Enteral Feeding

  • Complex needs

  • Growth Concerns


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