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Irritable Bowel syndrome 

Your one stop IBS Solution
IBS Gut Re-set Program

Imagine being symptom free and pain free! Irritable bowel syndrome can be self limiting and really take hold of your life. We have a 3 step process that can enable you to 're-set' your gut. This involves elimination of potential triggers, gradual re-introduction to identify exactly what is causing your gut distress and modification of your diet thereafter. 


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common condition, characteristic of a variety of symptoms that differ from one individual to another. There is no test for IBS, but you will first need to consult your GP to rule our other possible causes of symptoms first.

The most common symptoms are:

  • Diarrhoea or constipation or both (constipation meaning defecation that is unsatisfactory because of infrequent stools, difficulty in passing stools or incomplete evacuation)

  • Lower abdominal pain

  • Bloating

  • Wind

  • A feeling of urgently needing to go to the toilet

  • Feeling that you still need to go to the toilet even when you have just been

  • Loss of appetite

  • Tiredness

  • Nausea

If your GP has ruled our Ceoliac disease , SIBO , IBD and you have confirmed IBS. This program is for those that feel as if they have tried everything to manage their IBS and still cannot experience any symptom control. 

This program is for someone that :

  • Has confirmed IBS 

  • Experiences bloating after meals 

  • Has increased flatulence 

  • Has either diarrhoea or constipation

  • Is sick and tired of feeling lethargic 

  • Cannot pin point exactly what is causing their symptoms 

  • Needs support and accountability 

  • Needs a clear plan in how to reverse their IBS in 3 months 

  • Is an action taker and can implement the techniques given 

This program is not for someone that : 

  • Has not ruled out IBD or ceoliac disease 

  • Has an active eating disorder or an acute history of an eating disorder 

  • Followers restrictive eating patterns 

  • Is in passive mode and not action taking mode 

How do we treat IBS in our Gut Re-set program?

Step 1 – Lifestyle (Gut-brain axis, Diet and gut bacteria adjustment)

We target stress , sleep , cortisol and exercise and first line IBS dietary advice for 2 weeks.

Step 2 – Elimination of all FODMAPS

After 2 weeks of first line dietary advice, we do another assessment to see where the clients symptoms are , if they are still experiencing symptoms – we put them on the Low FODMAP Diet for 6 weeks.

Step 3 – Re-introduction of FODMAPS

We re-introduce all the FODMAPS through a systematic approach, so the client will understand their exact food triggers

Step 4 – Modification of Diet

Once we know the clients results from the re-introduction, we modify their diet so there is no unnecessary restriction.

Whats included in our IBS Gut Re-set Program

4 x 1-1 sessions

Grocery Lists & Recipes 

Access to an abundance of resources

Access to private fb community 

Weekly check ins via app

Direct messaging with your dietitian via app

Personalised meal planning 

Weekly food log reviews 

What to expect 

You will be booked in for a 60 minute initial consultation with your IBS Dietitian, in which you will discuss your current lifestyle, symptoms , medications , stressors and dietary intake. A individualised plan will be made for yourself. Your IBS Dietitian will decide if you are going to do 1st line IBS advice or commence right away with the elimination phase of FODMAPS. All notes and resources will be shared with you on our GDPR secure platform. 

Follow ups will be discussed and booked in advanced with your dietitian. In between sessions, you have access to our app where you can send your dietitian messages to communicate when you need. 

Weekly analysis of your food diary will also occur. 

 96% complete IBS symptom improvement 

 95% had an increase in energy

 90% had reduced stress 

Our goal is to ensure you have all the tools in place to manage your IBS and know exactly what to eat to simplify your life!

What our clients say 

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Are you ready for a symptom free life?