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DNA testing UK

We have partnered with Stride DNA to deliver you cutting edge DNA testing that will provide you with a detailed report of 150+ genetic insights for your clients, including nutrigenomics, fitness and exercise genomics, mental health genomics, pharmacogenomics, and disease predispositions. What’s more, our turnaround is an industry-leading 5 working days.

These insights will enable us to hyper-personalise clients' diet plans, optimise their fitness performance, improve mental wellbeing, and understand their disease risks and reactions to common prescription drugs.

Our process 

  1. Email us to purchase your DNA test and book your consultation with the dietitian

  2. We will send you a booking link to purchase the DNA test as well as the link to book with our specialist dietitian 

  3. You receive your DNA test the following day 

  4. Follow the simple instructions to complete an at home saliva sample and return it to our pre paid mailer 

  5. Receive your results and report within 10 days 

  6. Attend your consultation to go through results and recommendations with our specialist dietitian 

Optimal DNA test 

StrideDNA Optimal Health is our ultimate DNA test product, which provides the most comprehensive analysis of your unique genetic profile for complete health and wellness.

Unlock your body’s methylation capabilities by analysing key metabolic pathways (e.g., the Folate Cycle) and genes (COMT, MTR, MTHFR, and more). The StrideDNA Optimal Health test reveals genetic mutations, nutrient deficiencies, fitness predispositions, mental cognition, skin insights, and how to optimise your body's function holistically. 

StrideDNA Optimal Health includes DNA reports covering ; 

  • Methylation

  • Nutrition

  • Fitness

  • Sleep + Stress

  • Skin. 

Pricing structure 

Optimal DNA test : £349


Consultation with specialist dietitian : £65  




Sleep + Stress



  • Folate Cycle

  • Methionine Cycle

  • Transsulphuration Pathway

  • BH4 Cycle

  • Urea Cycle

Nutrigenetic Reports

  • Carbohydrate Sensitivity

  • Saturated Fat Sensitivity

  • ycle

  • Vitamin A Needs

  • Vitamin B2 Needs

  • Vitamin B6 Needs

  • Vitamin B9 (folate) Needs

  • Vitamin C Needs

  • Vitamin B12 Needs

  • Vitamin D Needs

  • Vitamin E Needs

  • Iron Overload

  • Iron Deficiency

  • Antioxidants Needs

  • Omega 3 Needs

  • Lactose Intolerance

  • Coeliac Predisposition

  • Fructose Sensitivity

  • Salt Sensitivity

  • Alcohol Response

  • Caffeine Sensitivity

  • Detoxification Phase I

  • Detoxification Phase II

  • Sugar Preferences

  • Bitter Taste Perception

Mental cognition (Stress + Sleep) 

  • Genetic Chronotype

  • Sleep quality 

  • Caffeine & Sleep Response

  • Stress Tolerance

  • Warrior or Strategist


  • Skin aging 

  • Oxidative Stress Impact

  • Sensitivity to Refined Carbohydrate & Glycation

  • Pigmentation

  • Nickel Sensitivity

  • Detoxification

  • Skin Inflammation


  • Power/Endurance 

  • Aerobic training response 

  • Recovery efficiency 

  • Injury predisposition 



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