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We are proud to announce that we have won the Nutrition & Dietitics consultancy company of the year 2022 

We are the chosen service for many universities, professional athletes, GP surgeries and corporates. 


Nutrition and Co's mission is simple - Provide clients with the timely, gold standard nutrition support they deserve! 

Jenaed Brodell is one of UK's leading Dietitian Nutritionists. Her and her team of expert health professionals which include dietitian's, nutritionist's &  personal trainers offer 1-1 support online through Nutrition and Co's dedicated telehealth platform and app.

Dietitian's apply the science of nutrition to medical conditions and develop individualised dietary treatment plans. Remember that if you need nutrition advice - you need a dietitian.  

We specialise in ; 


Adult Nutrition
- IBS 
- Weight Management 
-Sports Nutrition



Paediatric Nutrition
- Restrictive & Sensory eaters 
- Food Allergies & intolerances

- Nutrient deficiencies 


Media Webinars
- Corporate 
- Sports Teams

Conditions we treat


Weight Management (body composition, fat loss, muscle gain, weight gain) 

Irritable Bowel Syndrome


Cholesterol  , Hypertension
& Diabetes 


Gastro (Crohns Disease, Ulcerative Collitis, Diverticulitis) 

Women's health (hormones & fertility



Our best sellers
Your ultimate weight loss solution LifeSculpt 


Goodbye bloat! Re-set your gut with our IBS Gut-Reset package
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LifeSculpt Weight Management  Program


IBS Gut Re-Set Program

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