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Looking for the UK's Leading Consultant Dietitian Nutritionist?



World leading Registered Dietitian 

Jenaed Brodell is one of UK's leading dietitian-nutritionist with a very successful track record. She see's clients online via our tele-health GDPR protected platform. 


She is committed to providing practical nutrition solutions. Jenaed see's clients for all around the world, providing evidence based , compassionate care.

 Find out more about her here


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Adult Dietitian Services 

Nutrition and Co. has been providing clients with nutrition services that help improve their long term dietary habits. With a dynamic and evidence based approach to different conditions, we treat every client as an individual and all consultations are specific to that individual. Click here to see what adult services we offer.  

Our EXCLUSIVE adult programs 

Weight Loss and Lifestyle Change 

LifeSculpt Sustainable Weight Loss Health Coaching Program 

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Image by Brooke Lark

THIS IS NOT A DIET, this is complete sustianable solution for you FOR LIFE.

Your ultimate lifestyle change solution, with a focus on sustainable habits to become the best version of yourself in all aspects of life. This program focus's on all the aspects of wellness including diet, stress, sleep, physical fitness and mindset.

Optimise gut health 

GUT Re-Set IBS program 

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Image by Ella Olsson

The ultimate nutrition coaching program to optimise your gut health focusing on the gut-brain axis, diet and your gut bacteria. No more gut symptoms , only a thriving body and mind! 

Decrease blood sugar levels for pre-diabetes and Type 2 diabetes. 

DSC- Diabetes Sustainable Change Program

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Image by Ella Olsson

Your complete diabetes solution for those with pre- diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Reverse your symptoms and improve your total quality of life with our exlusive 3 month program. 

Enhance sports performance and recovery

OPTIMISE- Sports Performance Program

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Image by Jonathan Chng

Whether you're an every day gym goer/active individual , athlete or are just recovering from injury, this package is the perfect solution for you. This packages provides nutrition coaching post injury, for those wanting to dramatically improve their performance, reverse energy deficiency (RED-S) and optimise sports performance and body composition outcomes. 

Children's Dietitian Services 

Programs for the optimisation of your childs health 

For the overcoming of your childs dairy allergy/intolerance 

CMPA (dairy allergy) program 

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Image by Michal Bar Haim

If your child has any of the following symptoms : Nasal congestion, back arching, vomiting/reflux, rash, loose stools, constipation, irritability , colic, eczema, wind, mucous or blood in stool 


Increasing your childs variety of food they eat and improving their nutritional status 

AUTISM Solution Program 

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Image by Senjuti Kundu

The differences in how ASD affects each person means that people with ASD have unique strengths and challenges in social communication, behavior, and cognitive ability. Therefore, our treatment plans are multidisciplinary, may involve parent-mediated interventions, and target the child’s individual needs.

For the optimisation of your childs nutritional status and health 

THRIVE with ADHD program 

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Image by Jonathan Borba

Research suggests that dietary changes can help to improve symptoms of ADHD, improve appetite. If you are ready for your child to THRIVE with ADHD the this program is for you.


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