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No more NHS waiting lists. 


Junior athlete

Ensure your child is meeting all their nutritional requirements for growth and development 


We address your childs allergy needs, prescribe appropriate formulas and ensure they are meeting all their requirements 

Sensory eaters

No one child is the same. Develop strategies to ensure your childs variety of food increases

Growth faltering

Ensuring adequate supplementation for catch up growth 


Maintain a positive relationship with food and prevent future healthy complications 


How to overcome your childs constipation by dietary manipulation 


Your one step solution to managing reflux in your child 

Iron deficiency

Education around what foods to include and reduce to overcome iron deficiency 


We suggest practical ways to meet your childs requirements and overcome barriers

Plant based kids 

Ensure no deficiencies through nutritional analysis and recomendations 


Ensure you are feeding your child correctly in the first year of life


1.Email us and request a session or a free discovery call
2. We will add you onto our online portal where we have our own app and telehealth system. 
3. You complete the pre-assessment questionnaire and terms and conditions 
4.You select a time that suites you to book an initial assessment . This will be 60-90 minutes in duration.
5. A minimum of 3 follow ups are always recommended to ensure optimal results. Different conditions may require more follow ups and regular check ins.  
We provide weekly check in and support where needed. Your child is always our number one priority. 

Email to book 

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