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Everything you need for sustainable weight loss 

Introducing ... LifeSculpt Sustainable Weight Loss Nutrition Coaching Program 

LifeSculpt - your sustainable weight loss solution 

LifeSculpt is UK's most supportive package to get fit , into shape, create new habits and smash your nutrition goals! This package is supportive, motivating and everything you need to kick start your lifestyle change journey.  

This package is for those that ; 

  • Are fed up with dieting 

  • Are wanting to achieve sustainable results 

  • Are not looking for a quick fix but are wanting to develop life long habits 

  • Are READY to change their lifestyle once and for all 

  • Are wanting ongoing weekly support 

  • & are feeling motivated for change 

This is not a once off consultation program, this is a LONG TERM commitment with a minimum of 3 months. Change does not occur overnight. I am here to support you every step of the way, and be your guiding force for change. Focusing on behavioural, nutrition and fitness specific changes. This is an exclusive program with limited monthly spots, this is to ensure we are the PERFECT fit for you in providing the best support possible. 

Whats included :

  • We will address your medical history, blood tests, dietary history as well as calculate your individual macro-nutrients for you 

  • We will address behavioural and nutrition changes 

  • Weekly goals will be set 

  • Access to a hub of recipes and educational material 

  • We will create an Individualised meal guide that is sustainable 

  • Weekly check ins via our app to monitor progress 

  • Access to our exclusive community facebook group 


The process : 

  • You will complete an application form, we will review it and contact you within 5 days. ​

  • A 20 minute FREE discovery video call will be booked to get to know each other

  • A pre assessment form will be completed 24 hours prior to your initial 60 minute consultation 

  • Goals will be created and acted upon 

  • Weekly check ins via our telehealth platform 

Bonus : 

  • 12 week Fitness Programming - no more confusion on what to do every day of the week, we tailor your fitness plan to you! 

  • monthly check in to re-assess goals and progression

  • Support via our app 

Our goal is to ENSURE you lose weight and KEEP IT OFF for good. This is the UK's most exclusive lifestyle change coaching program. 

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